Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wednesday's newletter: Camp's morning assembly, walkout & demo and many more things

Hey everyone,

So much has happened, and so much progress has been made since we started the camp for education on Monday afternoon that it's just impossible to summarise! To give you a glimpse of how much work and progress has been made, yesterday, we produced our first position statement and a group of spokes from our Camp went with a delegation of lecturers to meet UWE's board of governors and give the statement and a first list of demands. We'll try to update you more after today's action about what has already happened and the exciting plans ahead but we would also really like to encourage all of you to come to the camp and get involved!

Today's timeline and menu:
* 8am: Camp's assembly
* 11am: Walkout
* Around 1pm: Demo in front of Wills Memorial Building
* Car sharing (to help people to get from uni to the demo and back)
* This afternoon/evening
* Pictures and reports
* Working groups
* AGM tomorrow

Join the camp's assembly at 8am. We'll be discussing and coordinating the camp and the various actions of the day.

11am: Walkout. Check the wall of our facebook group to see what are the meeting points for each campus.

After the walkout, all UWE students and lecturers will meet each other and many more protesters (including our friends from the University of Bristol) in front of the Wills Memorial Building.

Extra buses have been arranged to get from UWE to the Wills Memorial Building. However, we would also like to facilitate a car sharing process. If you will be travelling by car, please come to the camp or, if you can't, send us an email (uwe.better.together@gmail.com) and give us:
* Your first name
* Your mobile phone number
* The number of seats you have
We'll then post this info on the camp so that people looking for a ride can get in touch with you.

We encourage everyone to come to the camp after the demo. We had a number of really exceptional teach-ins on Monday and Tuesday and we are putting together a programme for tonight.

If you made or make pictures or videos of the camp or our actions, if you come across relevant articles about us in the press, or if you have written something about this fantastic human and learning experience, please send this to uwe.better.together@gmail.com so that we can share it broadly!

At the moment, the camp operates with the following working groups:
* Info point
* Camp's cafe
* Media
* Camp's space
* Programme
* Facilitation
* Accounting

Two things are important here:
1/ We are not sure that we have comprehensive lists of who has been involved with each working group, so we are asking all people who have already been helping out to send an email (uwe.better.together@gmail.com) mentioning the group(s) you've worked with and your mobile phone number.
2/ We are looking for more people to get involved with these groups so if you're interested to help out, please email us an we'll get you in touch with someone working in each group.

Finally, if you don't have any time to pass by the camp inside Frenchay before that, don't forget to come for the AGM tomorrow. We have 3 motions against increased tuition fees, cuts and UWEWORSITY and we are preparing a number of additional surprises! And make sure to come celebrate at the camp after that!


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