Friday, 26 November 2010

Fantastic Lineup of Talks Today - Not to be missed

Planned teach-ins at Education Camp (formerly Core 24) for Friday November 26th.

15:00 Shackle 'em early: Student debts and fight back

With student debt already our of control and set to sky rocket if the con-dem government's plans go through, how will this effect graduates' prospects? Is there an agenda behind an indebted work force? How can we combat being lumbered with vast debts?

17:00 Resistance at all costs?: Violence and the movement

With special guest speaker David Graeber

A reader at Goldsmiths on social anthropology that has worked extensively on value theory, and has recently completed a major research project on social movements dedicated to principles of direct democracy, direct action, and has written widely on the relation (real and potential) of anthropology and anarchism joins us to discuss the fight back against cuts.

20:30 (previously advertised as 19:00) Resistance & militancy: Where do women fit in?

In the midst of massive ongoing resistance to the planned education cuts & restructuring of our educations, much of the media have taken a glib view of women's participation and leadership within the movement. Is it unusual for women to resist in such militant actions? Do women prefer 'softer' forms of protest? How do feminist politics fit with larger protest movements?

For more information follow our twitter @uweagainstcuts , email , or come visit us at the Education Camp. Hope to see you there.

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