Friday, 26 November 2010

UWE Occupation Rages On!

A lot has been happening since our last blog post; lots of progress, lots of victories.

On Wednesday UWE students were leading from the front in a fantastic demonstration in Bristol City Center. Around 5,000 students turned out to protest raised fees and education cuts. Many, indeed the majority, were Further Education students which was brilliant to see. Protesters were very peaceful and non-violent, the same unfortunately cannot be universally said of the police, many of who's actions we condemn (more on this will likely follow soon). As part of that day's action several hundred students stormed the Bristol Student Union building after being refused entry. Students from UoB established an occupation there but left the following day after all their demands were met.

Yesterday we met with a representative from Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance and have arranged with them to organise students Bristol wide; from UWE, University of Bristol and the number of colleges and schools in the city. We will build on the momentum created by Wednesday's demonstration and keep this movement pressuring harder and harder on the ConDem government.

UWESU's Annual General Meeting also took place yesterday. Our group had submitted a number of motions and we are ecstatic that two very important ones were passed. The union resolved to support occupations around the country, including the UWE Education Camp, and adopt opposing fees and cuts as its primary campaign for the next three years. Furthermore it was resolved that the union would pressure UWE management into making their spending plans and priorities public and explicit with the implicit aim of defending Arts and Humanities. These are important successes but only a beginning.

On Tuesday the 30th there is another national day of action.

More details will follow. Stay tuned.

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