Monday 22 November 2010


Inspired by the actions of fellow students at universities such as Sussex and the demonstration that took place on November 10th, at 4pm today, Monday 22nd of November, around 60 students have initiated an occupation at UWE Frenchay campus to protest the tripling of tuition fees and nationwide cuts to university funding.

Students are occupying the private Core 24 cafe in the heart of the university's main campus and have established an 'education camp' to discuss alternatives to the funding cuts and fee increases.

The occupation is part of a week of protests, including a National Walkout on the 24th, that will see students from UWE, Bristol University, and further education colleges in Bristol coming together to voice their opposition.

Among our chief concerns are:

- That the fees and cuts will effectively privatise education, since the increased debt (regardless of when it has to be repaid) will discourage students from poorer backgrounds applying to university.
- That the government’s decision to cut all funding to humanities and arts courses displays a bias towards those subjects more favourable to the market, and thus further contributes to the commercialisation of education.
- That UWE management have already begun to cut ¼ of senior academic staff at the university. The increased class sizes that are an inevitable outcome of such staffing cuts will decrease the quality of education that the university can provide

At the time of writing we're singing along with the Bristol Socialist Choir to Solidarity Forever. The atmosphere is very upbeat and we invite all other students to come join us to make their and all our voices heard at this most critical time.

Further updates will follow soon.

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