Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Royal Holloway Occupation

The Royal Holloway Anti Cuts Alliance has occupied the picture gallery corridor in the Founder’s building. 40 students descended on the administrative wing where
senior management were holding a meeting in the boardroom, to be joined shortly by more supporters and SU representatives. The Alliance received the immediate support of administrative staff and local PSCOs while issuing a statement of Alliance principles and list of demands to all staff. Principal Paul Layzell and Vice Principal Geoff Ward were issued the demands as they came out of the meeting and accepted the invitation to take questions related to the impending education cuts.
Layzell conceded that 80% were “not survivable” and referred to the cut in international students as “kicking us while we’re down”. When asked why they weren’t speaking out against the Browne review, Vice Principle Geoff Ward said of the union Universities UK, “We did speak out against the cuts but weren’t as successful as we would have liked.”
Occupants felt the management’s tone was defeatist and implored the Principal to use his position to put up a stand. Layzell said they would “reflect of it” and said they were in dialogue with the 1994 group, the University of London and Universities UK.
The Royal Holloway Anti Cuts Alliance has been receiving a constant flow of support and solidarity from university anti-cuts groups, trade unions and campaign organisations from across the country. They are later going to be joined by some
staff for a “teach-in” as well as members from Save Our Services in Surrey.
Students will continue the sit-in until their demands are met.

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  1. Love and rage from the Manchester occupation. Keep up the good work and we're standing strong alongside you as well as with universities all over the country.