Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Call for Papers: Reimagining the University

Call for Papers December 2010
For the Journal Reimagining the University

This is not a postmortem…

And the vote on the 9th of December was not a death throe. This is an invitation for your theory, praxis and strategy to stimulate discussion of what the university could be.

For detractors and cynics, implicit in any protest against reform is a defense of the status quo. We know this is not the case.

The Roundhouse Group and the Really Open University have teamed up to produce a one-off journal edition entitled ‘Reimagining the University’ to celebrate and document three days of happenings at the University of Leeds. This will be displayed at We want this platform to go beyond a static depiction of past events; in an effort to ensure this, we now issue a second call for submissions.

These contributions can be in any form: essays, personal reflections, conversations, even maps. ‘Reimagining the University’ seeks to collate the plurality of practices and theories dispersed through active groups calling for change in Higher Education.

The recent response to the marketisation of higher education has given a voice and a collective identity to a discontent stretching beyond funding constraints. It is now time to respond as well as create, looking for new action and dialogue for the future. We want to open up debate, not close it down.

Issues to consider: What is worth salvaging from the university system? What strategies do we have for attracting those who ought to be sympathetic: passive academics, apathetic students, individuals outside of the University, young people? How to operate within the academy without being corrupted by it? What could The University be? How do we make this happen?

This journal will frame the issues for an open symposium to be held at Westminster University 2011.

Deadline for Papers February 11th 2011

Please send submissions to


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