Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Messages of Support and Solidarity

A new morning, we're still here and will be for some time yet. Spirits are high and we're looking forward to the protest outside the board of governors meeting that will take place in the courtyard opposite the RED bar at 2.30 pm in solidarity with lecturers. Get ready to make some noise!

Over the course of yesterday evening and night we received a mass of messages of support and solidarity from a number of organisations, students, lecturers, trade unionists and comrades. We are many and they are few!

Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance: The Anti-Cuts Alliance which represents the public sector unions and
community organisations in the Bristol area sends its full support to the students occupying the heart
of Frenchay campus, UWE. It’s great to see students fighting back against one of the more iniquitous
effects of ConDem policy, and we hope the movement will expand and bring in thousands of young
people whose future is now under serious threat.

Unite Union: Greetings to students fighting cuts from Treasurer and Secretary of Unite Bristol Health
Service branch!

University of Sheffield Education Activist Network: Solidarity from Sheffield University! Hopefully we
will join you as we go into occupation on Wednesday. Victory to the fight against cuts!

South Gloucestershire NUT: On behalf of South Gloucestershire NUT we support your struggle in
fighting the increase in fees.
Education is a right not a privilege.
Now let's work together for nationally co
ordinated action against the condem coalition.
Rachel Kendall
President South Glos NUT

Well done on your occupation! Hopefully we should be occupying on Wednesday too!
Surrey University

Keep up the good work Joe in Sheffield

Hey all,
Heard on the grapevine that you're occupying somewhere in protest against cuts and fees. I'm no
longer a student, but as an ex-sabb, and an ex-student in general, know that I'm with you in spirit!
Be careful not to get arrested, people are starting to take these kinda occupations less and less
Love (and rage),
A fellow concerned citizen

Brothers and sisters

On behalf of Waltham Forest Trades Council, I would like to send this message of support to UWE students
in your occupation. We are an organisation of trade union representatives - the local TUC - in our part of East
London, with a number of us working in education. The ConDem onslaught attacks on education must be
resisted and you are giving the rest of us a great example to follow. Best of luck.

In solidarity

Darren O'Grady


Dear all,
I just read about your occupation on the FaceMuppet, and had to quickly send a 'yay!' - good on you
all, it's the only way students are going to gain a voice in the ConDem'd nation - and hopefully as the
resistance spreads, more of the populace will wake up and oppose the economically illiterate cuts
Best of luck,
Dr Glyn Everett,
School of Built & Natural Environment,
University of Central Lancashire

My name is Terezia Novosel and I am a member of the TSU, currently not assigned,
possibly as a result of the cuts and high tuition fees. I really enjoyed working in the UWE
and understand how terrible it is for students and their families to pay such high fees. My
last assignment was processing student applications and fees in the C.A.H.E faculty. I was
shocked at the fees for home and overseas students. I just wanted to say good luck, I hope
everything goes well, and that the occupation is peaceful with noone getting hurt.

I saw your occupation on the evening news and it looked very impressive. I'd like to
congratulate you for taking a stand against the vicious cuts planned to funding for universities
and to Education Maintenance Allowances. These cuts, if not stopped, will prevent poor
people from going to university because we will not be able to afford it. The rich will not
have the same problem. Therefore this is an assault on the working class.

Of course, it's not just education that's under attack. Masses of public and private sector
job cuts are planned. Pay freezes are being implemented while the cost of living is rising.
Pensions are under threat. At the same time, the Government is targeting unemployed people
and punishing them in order to make them pay for the recession and for lack of jobs.

My trade union says it doesn't have to be this way. There is an alternative to the cuts. £120
Billion of tax goes avoided, evaded and uncollected each year. Simply collecting this tax
would go a long way to tackling the budget deficit. The UK holds £850 Billion in banking
assets from the bailout. We could use this money for the benefit of all of us.

This is a personal message of support at the moment, as I haven't had a chance to raise the
issue of your occupation at any meetings. However, I will be at a meeting of my union branch
committee tomorrow, and will ask my branch to endorse this message as well. I am optimistic
that my branch will agree.

Yours in Solidarity,

Steve West [!]
Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Group Executive Committee
DWP Avon Branch
(Personal Capacity)

keep on keepin' on.

al crawford.

sussex stc, strong and steadfast.

Brilliant to hear about your occupation - I hope you get this message in time, and hope to see you all
on Weds 24th Nov. Together we can stop the wholesale decimation/privatisation of HE & FE.

Cheers, Bristol University Staff

Solidarity from the students and workers of Sussex University. Your
occupation is an inspiration to students, and all those who oppose
the attack on our welfare state and its people from this elitist and
ideologically driven government. These are national cuts, we will give
them a national fightback, and we will have a national victory. Let's show
them what democracy really looks like.     
United we stand, divided we fall

Well done and best wishes to all involved.

Nice one! Maybe you can inject some life into the soulless shell that is

Solidarity from Poppy Firmin at Sussex.

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