Monday, 6 December 2010

UWE education camp gets kettled in Bristol

On Sunday 5th December a group from the education camp attended the 4th day of action in Bristol. There had been a facebook group advertising this day, which was closed down two days before it was supposed to happen (3rd). Word circulated that the action had been cancelled. In hindsight we think it is possible that this group was set up by the police in order to keep the numbers attending the demonstration low.

Around 200-300 people attended the demo, a significantly lower amount than the 2000-3000 at the three previous actions. Those who attended were subjected to the most forceful and underhanded police tactics yet. The peaceful protest was kettled within an hour of starting. We were held at the top of Park Street by police in riot gear, on horse back, and surrounded by riot vans. In an attempt to link arms and move peacefully past the police lines, protesters were literally beaten back.

After an hour of negotiation the protest was encased by police and moved slowly down Park Street like a controlled herd, until reaching College Green, where we were held for another two hours. Within the crowd were schoolchildren and a woman with a baby in a pram. This protest was clearly the most dangerous yet, and warranted such oppressive tactics.

All in all we learnt a lot about police brutality. If anything these kind of tactics only increase our indignation, and strengthen out focus on instigating change and opposing these ideologically oriented cuts to education. We are now concentrating on the demo in London on the 9th. Day X. Decision day.

We are applying pressure on Lib Dem MP's, and urge you to do the same. Please contact any and all MP's and urge them to vote NO on the increase in tuition fees and the removal of the the cap. See you in London. YA BASTA!!!!!

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